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Zapatillas Adidas

Instantly recognisable, the 2015 Adidas shoes are great for stability, shock absorbtion and comfort and enable great speed around the court. We love the new, updated cosmetic.

The new 2013 range will include the Adipower Stabil 10.1, Court Stabil 10.1 and Essence 10.1 together with the Court Stabil Elite xJ junior squash shoe.


Powerful but light handling play due to the newly developed frame with bridge, semi-concave profile and aerodynamically rounded edges. Designed for players looking for a versatile racquet. - See more at:

SQ Ball Pro 90

Quality squash-balls with specified bouncing manners. 2x yellow: extra slow; yellow: slow; red: medium; blue: fast.
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Prince O3 Speedport Tour Squash Racquet

O3 SPEEDPORT TOUR - Peter Nicol's choice. Perfect for advanced players looking for a crisp hitting feel and more control in a heavier racquet, helping you to make the perfect shot, when it counts. The Speedport racquets give you the largest sweetspot for perfect control, ultimate speed, more power & ideal stability for pin point accuracy. This allows an accomplished Squash player greater creativity and the ability to produce winning plays around the court.

Prince O3 Speedport Black Squash Racquet

O3 SPEEDPORT BLACK – James Willstrop and Nicol David's choice. Ideal for players wanting more power and control in an extremely aerodynamic and lightweight frame, allowing the player precise shots from all areas of the Squash court.The Speedport racquets give you the largest sweetspot for perfect control, ultimate speed, more power & unmatched stability for pin point accuracy. A winning combination!

Raquetero Prince

Team Collection 13 Pack bags come with foamed racquet protector sections, zoom zippers with sleek metal pulls and water repellant, dirt resistant nylon surfaces. These bags also feature thermal insulation for improved temperature control. A great addition to the bag line-up.

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